Regular men's or boy's precision, hand-crafted haircut.  Men's haircut includes a hot-lather, straight razor neck shave.  

It is recommended that boys under 3 have their appointment scheduled at Hansen & Co. Beauty Lounge, located at 604 South Neil St., Suite 102 by calling 217-904-9014.

haircut with beard trim  $32

Regular precision, hand-crafted haircut with beard shaping done with scissors and/or clippers.  Beard will be tightly lined with zero-gapped trimmers.

*A straight razor line-up is not included in this service.  Please call to make an appointment so the proper amount of time is allotted.

Beard trim only $17

EXACTLY what is says-- beard trim only.  The beard will be shaped to desired length and style.  Edges will be lined with zero-gapped trimmers.

*No straight razor line-up offered with this service.

For hair that has not be cut in a LONG time (shoulder length or longer) and a new look is desired.  Please call to set up consult and we can book the appropriate time needed for this service.

hippie destroyer $40

Hot towel, hot lather, straight razor face shave.

*Must call to schedule appointment. Service only done by Lee,

straight razor face shave  $35